System Requirements

Glean Web

  • We recommend using the latest version of Chrome - you can find out how to check for updates on Chrome Support. Important! Earlier versions of Chrome may work, but we cannot guarantee this.
  • We recommend using the latest version of Edge. Important! Versions of Edge before and including version 79 will not work. Version 80 and later may work, but we cannot guarantee this.
  • Recommends Dual Core 2.4GHz Processor (or higher), 8GB RAM
  • Storage: Glean records at approximately 50mb per hour, that's around 20 hours of recording per GB of storage. PDFs added to your Event will increase the storage needs.
  • Windows - Recommended: Windows 10 (64-bit). Minimum: Windows 7, (Glean only supports 64-bit systems)
  • Mac - Recommended: Mac OS 10.14 High Sierra (or higher). Minimum: Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite
  • Chromebook - Recommended: Any device within its Auto Update Expiry (AUE) date, that meets the system requirements. Minimum: Any device that meets the system and browser requirements.
  • Important! Devices which might not meet minimum requirements may encounter problems with recordings longer than one hour and when using other apps alongside Glean.


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