Introducing our Mindfulness Videos.

We're proud to announce the addition of our NEW Mindfulness Video Series. A series of insightful and interactive tutorials which are designed to help develop your mindfulness, study and workplace skills by closely following the Mindfulness for Study book. Each video accompanies a different chapter of Mindfulness for Study, carefully guiding you through the book with interactive elements, activities, and quizzes. Pause the videos at any point and simply pick up where you left off when you’re ready, utilising your hard copy to write notes and highlight key points that you find useful.

Mindfulness for Study

We have collaborated with our friends at Loughborough University to create this fantastic combination of book and unique interactive tutorials companion. They are designed to be used in conjunction with each other to provide a unique learning experience. 

The book, ‘Mindfulness for Study, from procrastination to action’ 

Content includes - a detailed introduction to mindfulness - study techniques and the development of multi-sensory learning skills - specialist chapters on ‘reading for successful study’, ‘effective writing for academic purposes’ and ‘revision and exam strategies’ - structured mindfulness practices. The book provides useful techniques, ideas, and practices which users will find relevant in study, work and relationships as they seek ways of maintaining good physical, emotional and mental health. 

The online interactive companion. 

This is a series of multi-sensory animated tutorials that effectively bring the accompanying book to life. Watch, listen, learn and do! Having access to the companion from your computer, tablet or phone, enables you to learn about and practice mindfulness techniques at any time in an experiential way. The companion also contains all the essential ‘Stop off point’ mindfulness technique guides, interactive questionnaires, and downloadable templates. 

The simplicity of the presentation belies the complexity of the content. It's a powerful combination and one which I heartily recommend to both students and their tutors.’ Barbara Kelly, SpLD Specialist Tutor, Regional Officer, ADSHE (Association of Dyslexia Specialists in Higher Education) UK. 

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